The Raw Story Of How Helpin | local Became A Reality

Here we go... Let us introduce Helpin | local! A conceptual platform that we have been thinking about for many years. Over 10 actually. We have faced every challenge of being a business owner in the United States and there are many of them.

Here is the raw story behind the reason for Helpin | local to become a reality. From getting started to maintaining to managing growth. Business owners have failed and succeeded and we have learned so much when it comes to what business owners need to deal with on a daily basis.

When we think about starting a business the usual culprits are we want financial freedom, freedom in schedule and stability. Freedom is usually the main cause behind the why. When it comes to being a business owner you have to be a different breed. You have to be solely focused on the positive, envisioning the good only. You cannot let the negative come into your mind for a second because that will destroy your determination and motivation. When you decide to pull the trigger that you are going to do you will have support. You will also have the negative people who consider themselves realists, a realist is acceptable, but most realists are negative.

You start your business and the constant onslaught of challenges begins. You are in it alone in most cases and you find a way to get through the everyday war that you face. You have this concept and you believe in it but you need customers! You are not selling your service or product and you will lose confidence, we call it the confidence roller coaster of life. But you come up with an idea on what will help you find these customers and it doesn't work as well as you hoped. You are watching your competitors and they seem to be doing well. You need help! You start to look at lead services, ads, and other paid services. You don't have a lot of money in the bank because you are now self-employed and you don't get a steady paycheck. You don't have any sales so you don't have much in the bank. But you have something and you decide to use it to get that nicer, real website. You run ads on Facebook, you pay for clicks on Google. You call up Home Advisor. You start seeing some interest but you will soon figure out that you cannot continue on this course. The average Small Business cannot afford to pay $25-$100 for a lead that you are going to compete against 3-5 other service providers. You cannot afford to pay $3-$15 a click hoping that they will come to your website and fill out the contact form. You cannot afford to run ads on Facebook because most of the people who click on your ad are not customers. You will realize very quickly that your best bet is organic lead generation meaning you are doing things the old school way which is slower and much more time demanding. But, you are a plumber or a landscaper and while you know your trade you do not know web design, branding, or SEO. You have to now start learning how to market your business and that's going to take a lot of time.

You are looking for other options, ahhhh yes! Google My Business listings are free. You create your GMB and if you are lucky enough in 2024 to get it verified you will have a live listing. Now you need to set up your profile which is not as easy as it used to be. You figure it out, you have a live listing and you get a few reviews. But your competitor has 100+ 5-star ratings and is above you. They are in the top 3 (pick 3) and are getting calls and you are months away from getting to that spot. So your Google My Business listing is not helping you (but if done correctly it will, eventually) but say you get lucky and are in the top 3 and are getting some calls... Now you are like “Well I'm getting leads here” so I am good for now. Then they suspend your listing or a competitor sees you jumped above them and they report your listing for some fake violation. You just lost your listing and are back to square one. You know our business and address and info is legit but you need that listing back up. You contact Google and it begins. They are of no help to you and you get automated reply after automated reply and even if you find success it takes weeks to months. You have no calls coming in, you might have a few employees by this point. You are screwed once again. You finally got your head above water which is usually by year 2 or 3 if you are still open and boom here it is again. You are living on word of mouth which in some cases is great but in most, it’s just not enough. You look back to when you came up with the idea to be a business owner and it doesn't look like such a great idea anymore. If you are married or in a relationship and have kids it’s even worse.

We can keep walking you through the big picture but this is why Helpin | local was born. Because it’s not easy in any way to operate a business, we didn't get into all the other aspects that come with being a business owner. We believe that there is a way to help local Small Businesses by introducing them to local customers who truly support local.

Detailed key points in how Helpin | local will help local Small Businesses

# Benefits of Free Leads from Helpin | local for U.S. Local Service Companies

Increased Visibility and Reach
- Helpin | local offers free leads, enhancing visibility.
- Greater reach leads to more potential customers, vital for local service businesses

Cost Savings
- Free leads mean reduced advertising expenses, maximizing profits.

Streamlined Booking Process
- Simplified booking process through Helpin | local saves time and effort, leading to more conversions.

Targeted Audience
- Helpin | local connects businesses with local customers in need of services, ensuring relevance and higher conversion rates.

Competitive Advantage
- Access to free leads gives businesses a competitive edge by tapping into a resource that many competitors may overlook.

Growth Opportunities
- More leads mean more opportunities for growth and expansion, enabling businesses to scale operations.

Boost in Revenue
- Higher lead volume from Helpin | local translates to increased revenue potential, supporting business sustainability and profitability.

Enhanced Online Presence
- Free leads from Helpin | local contribute to a stronger online presence, crucial for attracting modern consumers.

Access to Valuable Insights
- Helpin | local may provide businesses with valuable data and analytics to optimize marketing strategies and improve performance.

Community Engagement
- Connecting with local customers fosters community engagement and loyalty, vital for long-term success.

Support for Small Businesses
- Free leads from Helpin | local level the playing field, offering small businesses the opportunity to compete with larger enterprises on a more equal footing.

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