Business Selfie Video Submission Campaign

What is the Helpin | local Selfie Video Campaign About?

To support our platform connecting local customers with small businesses, we aim to shed light on the challenges business owners face in reaching customers and how much you pay just for a possible introduction, they do not know their information is being sold. This campaign will be a valuable tool to reveal the reality to customers and gain exposure for your business to a wider audience.

Interested in Participating?

Create a selfie video describing the experience and challenges of being a business owner looking for customers. The main questions to be answered are:

"What would it mean for your business if Helpin | Local was able to provide your business with free leads?"


"What is it like trying to find new customers to keep your business running?"

In under a minute would be ideal.

Then please submit the video below and Share it on Instagram.

Remember to use the hashtag #helpin and tag @helpin.local.

Thank You!
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