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Let's see if we can address your questions:

Questions: What is Helpin | local?

Answer: Helpin | local is a concept that ends the days when business owners are forced to pay for a simple introduction.

Questions: How does Helpin | local help?

Answer: By creating a platform that connects local customers with local small businesses, eliminating them having to pay for this service. Currently, they are paying over 400 Billion dollars annually for this simple introduction.

Questions: How is Helpin | local paying for this?

Answer: Currently we are self-funded but we anticipate large U.S. corporations to want to help support our platform by paying for ads.

Questions: Why has this not been done before?

Answer: We have been asking ourselves this same question for years.

Questions: What is needed to make this work?

Answer: It's pretty simple. For Americans to support local Small Businesses. It's actually pretty simple, customers currently do a web search or see an add on a platform, they click and then are lead a sign-up form or product to buy. If they come to Helpin directly then they will know that the business didn't have to pay for the introduction. This and talking about Helpin! That's it.

Questions: How can I help support local Small Businesses?

Answer: Tell everyone about how our local Small Businesses are forced to pay for simple introductions. Example: Home Advisor / Angi / Angies List takes a submission and sells it to numerous Small Businesses leaving them paying to simply compete. Some times $5 to $100+

Questions: What is Helpin's Mission?

Answer: "We will connect local customers with local businesses at no cost to the business, revolutionizing how small businesses function in the U.S. with the backing of fellow Americans and its corporations."

Helpin | Local Intro Video

(This will explain who Helpin | local is and how we help local Small Businesses. TIP: When watching the video turn your phone to get a wide view of the video.

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2. A local business owner will receive your information and contact you.
3. If you require assistance in the future, simply return to Helpin | local and submit a new request. (The plan is to develop sign-up accounts where you can log in on our website or app once the proof of concept is established.)
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Facts That Caused Us To Create Helpin:

Businesses that do not succeed within their first year of operation.
Businesses that do not succeed within their first five years of operation.
Businesses that do not succeed within their first ten years of operation.
Businesses in the U.S.
Average spent on marketing annually by U.S. Businesses
Google's revenue from ad sales in 2023
Facebook's revenue from ad sales in 2023
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